Read the medication guide that comes with REGLAN before you begin taking it and every time you get a refill. There could also be new information. If you are taking another product that contains metoclopramide (such as REGLAN injection, REGLAN ODT, or metoclopramide oral syrup), you must browse the Medication Guide that comes with that product. Some of the information could also be totally different. This Medication Guide cannot take the place of talking with your doctor regarding your medical condition or your treatment.


REGLAN may cause serious side effects, including:
Tardive dyskinesia (abnormal muscle movements). These movements happen principally within the face muscles. You will not be able to manage these movements. They might not stop even after stopping REGLAN. There’s no treatment for dyskinesia, however symptoms might reduce or stop over time after you stop taking REGLAN.
Your possibilities for obtaining tardive dyskinesia go up:
• The longer you are taking REGLAN and also the additional REGLAN you are taking. You must not take REGLAN for more than twelve weeks.
• If you’re older, particularly if you’re a girl
• If you have got polygenic disease

What is REGLAN?

REGLAN may be a prescription used:
• In adults for four to twelve weeks to alleviate pyrosis symptoms with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) when some alternative treatments don’t work. REGLAN relieves daytime pyrosis and pyrosis after meals. It additionally helps ulcers within the gullet to heal.
• To relieve symptoms of slow abdomen voidance in individuals with diabetes. REGLAN helps treat symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, feeling full long after a meal, and loss of appetite. Not all these symptoms heal at an equivalent time.
It is not recorded if REGLAN is safe and works in kids.

Who shouldn’t take REGLAN?

Do not take REGLAN if you:
• Have abdomen or bowel issues that might deteriorate with REGLAN, like haemorrhage, blockage or a tear within the abdomen or intestine wall
• Have an adrenal gland neoplasm known as a phaeochromocytoma
• Are allergic to REGLAN or something in it. See the tip of this Medication Guide for a listing of ingredients in REGLAN.
• Take medicines that may cause uncontrolled movements, like medicines for psychopathy
• Have seizures

Tell your doctor concerning all of your medical conditions, as well as if you have:
• Depression
• Parkinson’s illness
• High blood pressure
• Kidney issues. Your doctor could begin with a lower dose.
• Diabetes. Your dose of insulin may have to be modified.
• Breast cancer
• You are pregnant or decide to become pregnant.
• You are breast-feeding. REGLAN may pass into breast milk and can hurt your baby.
Chat with your doctor regarding the most effective way to feed your baby if you are taking REGLAN.


• REGLAN comes as a pill you take orally.
• You shouldn’t take REGLAN for over twelve weeks.
• Do not drink alcohol when taking REGLAN. Alcohol could make some negative effects of REGLAN worse, like feeling asleep.
• Do not drive, work with machines, or do dangerous tasks till you know how REGLAN affects you. REGLAN could cause drowsiness.

For the Relief of Symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux

Administer from ten mg to fifteen mg reglan® (metoclopramide hydrochloride, USP) orally up to q.i.d. half-hour before every meal and at bedtime, depending upon symptoms being treated and clinical response. Sometimes, patients (such as aged patients) who are more sensitive to the therapeutic or adverse effects of metoclopramide would require only five mg per dose.

For the Relief of Symptoms related to Diabetic Gastroparesis (Diabetic gastric Stasis)
Administer ten mg of metoclopramide half-hour before every meal and at bedtime for two to eight weeks, depending upon response and also the probability of continued well-being upon drug termination.

Use in Patients with renal or hepatic Impairment
Since metoclopramide is excreted mainly through the kidneys, in those patients whose creatinine clearance is below forty mL/min, medical care should be initiated at roughly one-half the suggested dose. Depending upon clinical effectiveness and safety concerns, the dosage could also be increased or reduced as applicable.

Side effects

Reglan can cause serious side effects, including:
• Tardive dyskinesia (abnormal muscle movements): Uncontrolled spasms of your face and neck muscles, or muscles of your body, arms, and legs (dystonia). These spasms typically begin within the first two days of treatment. These spasms happen a lot of the times usually in kids and adults below age thirty.
• Depression, thoughts regarding suicide, and suicide. Some people that take REGLAN become depressed. You may have thoughts regarding injuring or killing yourself. Some people that take Reglan have terminated their own lives (suicide).
• Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS). NMS may be very rare however very serious condition which may happen with Reglan. NMS can cause death and should be treated in a hospital. Symptoms of NMS include: high fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, very fast or uneven heartbeat, and exaggerated sweating.
• Parkinsonism. Symptoms embody slight shaking, body stiffness, trouble moving or keeping your balance. If you have already got parkinson’s disease, your symptoms could deteriorate while you’re receiving REGLAN.

Common side effects of Reglan include:
• Feeling restless, sleepy, tired, dizzy, or exhausted
• Headache
• Confusion
• Trouble sleeping

You may have additional side effects the longer you take REGLAN and also the more REGLAN you take. You may still have side effects after stopping REGLAN. You may have symptoms from stopping (withdrawal) REGLAN like headaches, and feeling dizzy or nervous.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Or call emergency service on 9-1-1